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Had to do a bunch of SDRS migrations recently. This was in a 5.5 environment, so I’m not sure if this has been fixed in 6.0+, but when you kick off a heap of SDRS migrations in a row, vCenter doesn’t seem to factor in the impact of the already queued migrations. You can quickly find yourself with way too many VMs on a datastore or even worse, a 100% full store. I use this script to run migrations one after the other, without having to baby sit it. It also ensure you don’t overload either the source or destination stores. (more…)


Just a place holder for now, I will come back and update with some more info when I get a chance. (more…)

Pretty simple one here, PowerShell wrapper to automate logging into Brocade Fabric switches and grabbing a full config backup. You’ll need to get a copy of Putty’s plink.exe and you also need a FTP/SFTP/SCP server. This version is setup for a FTP target. (more…)

Had a client who required in-guest iSCSI connections. After reviewing the physical NICs that were going to be available on each host, I created the following script to automate the creation of the virtual switch with associated uplinks and two portgroups. (more…)

Quick script that loops every 5 minutes and grabs the top 10 disk write and read VMs in the environment. (more…)