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I recently did a VM migration from ESX 3.0.3 to ESXi 5. As part of the migration, we were upgrading tools and VM hardware. This in a lot of cases will cause the gest to lose it’s network configs. With that in mind, I created the following quick PowerSheel script to go out and retrieve the target VMs network configs and save them to text files, so that we could go back and reset them if needed. (more…)


Generate a CSV of product keys for all machines in your AD. (more…)

I was recently asked to review a number of options to provide a secure file transfer service. I went through some initial tests and was recomended to a product by a colleague, who I can only refer to as JV. He suggested I look at WingFTP and I’m glad he did, as it came up trumps! A clear winner over the competition. One of it’s great features was in the in-built LUA scripting language. But I dind’t want to deal with yet another language, so I worked out how to just run PowerShell instead. (more…)

Scans through a bunch of IP ranges looking for machines that respond to ping. Then enumerates all non-adminsitratvie shares and outputs to a file. It tries to resolve the IP to a hostname, if that fails, just uses the IP. Written to cater for /24 IP blocks. You could tweak the looping parameters for any other type of range.

Relating to my last post, I want to include not just a ping of the server, but also if I was able to open a TCP connection. In this case, to our proxy server, hence the use of port 8080.

Network monitor/ping test

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Networking, Scripts

Ping the host every 2 seconds and log out failures to a text file.