Kicking off a task without needing to setup a scheduled job

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Scripts

Quite often I want to have a few lines of Powershell at say 6pm. Rather than setting up a scheduled job, either via Windows or the Powershell scheduler, I setup this quick little code block. Just enter in a 24hr time and it will work out how many seconds until that time and put in a sleep. This might not be the neatest way of doing things, but it’s quick an easy!

$StartTime = Read-Host -Prompt “Enter time in 24 hour format, eg. 18:00:00”

$TimeDelay = [DateTime]$StartTime – (Get-Date)
$TimeDelayInt = $TimeDelay.TotalSeconds -as [int]

If ($TimeDelayInt -gt 0){
Start-Sleep -Seconds $TimeDelayInt
Write-Host “Replace this with some sort of code you want to run…”
Write-Host “The time you entered has already passed. Try again.”

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