WingFTP – Using PowerShell scripts to extend it’s reach

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Information Technology, Networking, Scripts

I was recently asked to review a number of options to provide a secure file transfer service. I went through some initial tests and was recomended to a product by a colleague, who I can only refer to as JV. He suggested I look at WingFTP and I’m glad he did, as it came up trumps! A clear winner over the competition. One of it’s great features was in the in-built LUA scripting language. But I dind’t want to deal with yet another language, so I worked out how to just run PowerShell instead.

WingFTP is a great product and I suggest anyone looking for a secure file transfer solution to pay it serious attention. Not only does it have fantastic options and a flexible license setup, it gives you the option to extend beyond it’s own core application. I won’t go into any more detail other to say, head to WingFTP and get a copy and read my post in their forums on what I’ve found.

There are lots of options in this sphere. The decision is never easy. Personally, I would have chosen a Linux based SFTP server with a web interface… possibly custom made, but this is only because I can do this on my own accord. The decision to go with WingFTP was based on more than just personal opinion. We chose WingFTP because it offered all the functionality required, at a price that was, well, fantastic compared to the rest, with an on going support cost (staff to admin the thing), that is next to nothing. If you don’t have the know how to admin a Linux server, SFTP server and Apache, some custom scripts, so on and so on… then WingFTP should be at the top of your list!

Could WingFTP and it’s LUA engine have done what I wanted? Maybe, in fact probably, if I gave it half a chance. The fact of the matted is this… I’m a busy man. I’ve already gone through bash, perl and now powershell, do I want to learn LUA… No. For me, extending WingFTP to be able to “include” powershell was much efficient. Also, now I have a setup where I can call powershell scripts for any of the WingFTP events. If I get crazy, then 1 scripts that knows how it’s been called. This to me has far greater potential than any internal scripting varient.

Well, that’s it for me… a great product that has great potential, almost unlimited when you combine it with powershell. My hope is that they would somehow swap out LUA for powrshell as the internal language, but I do reach for the stars a lot…

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