Creating list of Open and Closed set groups in AD

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Active Directory, Scripts

I used the following to identify open and closed set groups in our AD infrastructure. This was to aid in migration to a new child domain. I’ve used “Sites” as variables, as in the current environment, each “site” had its own OU. Not be confused with AD Sites. The script uses the Quest AD tools.

$Sites = @(“Site A”,”Site B”)
foreach ($Site in $Sites){
$OpenGroups = @(“”)
$ClosedGroups = @(“”)
$Groups = get-qadgroup -searchroot “domain.local/$Site”
foreach ($Group in $Groups){
$Type = “”
$Users = get-qadgroupmember -identity $Group
foreach ($i in $Users){
$Found = get-qaduser -SearchRoot “domain.local/$Site” -Name $i.Name
if ($Found -eq $null){
$Type = “Open”
if ($Type -eq “Open”){
$OpenGroups = $OpenGroups + $
$ClosedGroups = $ClosedGroups + $
$OpenGroups|Sort-Object|Get-Unique|Out-File C:\Scripts\$Site-OpenGroup.txt -Append
$ClosedGroups|Sort-Object|Get-Unique| Out-File C:\Scripts\$Site-ClosedGroup.txt -Append

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