Disable activesync for all users, with exception list

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Exchange, Scripts

The following powershell script reads in a list of names from a CSV file, which has just one column with header “Name”. It disables active sync for all users and then goes back and renables for the list of users in the CSV.

$ASUsers = Import-CSV c:\scripts\ASUsers.csv

Get-Mailbox | Set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled:$False

foreach ($name in $ASUsers){
 $username = $name.Name
 get-mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | where{$_.name -eq “$username”}| Set-CASMailbox -ActiveSyncEnabled:$True

It’s a bit slow. The better option would be to use get-mailbox -filter, but I couldn’t get the variable passed to it correctly, so this had to do.

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